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  • X-Files News ‏@XFilesNews https://twitter.com/XFilesNews
    • "Chris Carter gets thunderous applause. The credits are playing now to lots of cheers. David and Gillian are up next."
    • "David and GIllian just walked on stage in the dark carrying classic, big flashlights."
    • "Chris Carter making his appearance moments ago #xf20 pic.twitter.com/yFiSC1W3Pe "
    • "Chris is talking about pitching TXF to Fox and using visual aides. Gillian wants to know what visual aides."
    • ""Something happened cause they had a child." -Gillian in response to whether or not Mulder and Scully got together when David joked about it"
    • "Vince: He loved the series before he wrote for it. He learned everything he knows about this job from The X-Files."
    • "A mention of #XF3 by the moderator gets cheers from the Ballroom 20 audience."
    • "David: The show was so flexible that it could encompass so many ideas that he's always thought that they should come back and do #XF3."
    • "Chris on #XF3: We can get to that later. (Joking boos from a few people.)"
    • "@GillianA re-affirms her support for #XF3"
    • "Gillian Anderson: "I didn't realize Mulder was so hot...should have gone there sooner.""
    • "Chris doesn't think that TXF would be a lot different today. The technology would change a little bit, but it would be largely the same."
    • "David and Chris are discussing the use of cell phones in the early seasons of The X-Files."
    • 다린 모건: "데이비드하고 질리언하고 일하는 건 그냥 꿈이었죠." - 흡충인간 연기에 대해 농담. "특히 데이비드와 하수구에서 일한 거요." "Darin Morgan: "It was just a dream to work with David and Gillian." - Joking about playing Flukeman. Especially in the pool with David."
    • 존 샤이반의 아들 제리 샤이반이 아기 윌리엄을 연기했습니다. 제리가 무대 위에 올라오자 모두 박수를 쳤습니다. "@jshiban on Baby William: His son played Baby William. Jerry Shiban is here and came out on stage to cheers from the audience."
    • 질리언: 저기 우리 아들이네. "@GillianA: "That's our son." -When Jerry Shiban came out on stage."
    • "Chris likes the new X-Files Season 10 comics. He thinks @joeharris has good ideas and thinks it can stand on its own well."
    • "@mawrarocha @XFiles20sdcc There is no information on any streaming as of yet. We will inform you if there is."
    • "The Lone Gunmen got cheers from the audience. John Shiban is speaking about their demise and how to give closure to their characters."
    • "Glen Morgan on "Home" - About how it came about. The movie Brother's Keeper, a documentary, inspired the episode. Incest. Murder..."
    • "Glen Morgan: "Home" was a good chance to talk about Scully's desire to be a mother. Also a way to examine what home is."
    • 제일 마음에 드는 멀더와 스컬리 장면. 질리언은 5X06 The Post-Modern Prometheus 댄스 장면. 데이비드는 역시 5X06 댄스 장면과 6X20 The Unnatural에서 멀더가 스컬리한테 야구 가르쳐 주는 장면. "Talking about the fans favorite Mulder and Scully moments: the PMP dance, Mulder teaching Scully to play baseball."
    • "David's favorite MSR moments: the PMP dance."
    • "@GillianA: Mulder and Scully's conversation on the rock in 'Quagmire' is one of her favorites even though she doesn't remember it."
    • "The panel is talking about the favorite bad guys: Flukeman, Eddie Van Blundht"
    • 하워드 고든이 다린 모건더러 꼬리 보여주라고 농담. "Howard Gordon joked that Darin Morgan should show everyone is tail."
    • "@jshiban: Chris always challenged the writers to make their stories better or scarier."
    • 제임스 웡이 좋아하는 악당은 유진 빅터 툼스 "James Wong's favorite bad guy is Eugene Victor Tooms."
    • 데이비드의 말. 연기를 하다 보면 가끔은 그린스크린 앞에서 테니스 공을 앞에 두고 연기해야 한다고. "David says that sometimes you have to react to the bad guy who is going to be CGI and act to a tennis ball or something like that."
    • 크리스 카터가 좋아하는 악당: 피콕 형제들. 그리고 존 네빌이 연기한 잘 차려입은 남자 "Chris's favorite bad guys: the peacock brothers, also John Neville who was an amazing asset to the show."
    • 존 네빌을 언급하자 장내에 박수가 터졌습니다. "Mention of John Neville and Well Manicured Man gets cheers from the audience."
    • 관객석의 질문 "멀더와 스컬리가 정말 데이트를 나가면, 무엇을 할까요?" 질리언: 같이 자요. 데이비드: 그리고 저녁밥? "Audience question if M&S went on a real live date, what would they do? @GillianA: "Have sex.' David: "Then maybe dinner.""
    • "Moderator jokes that the crowd is up for some Mulder and Scully action."
    • 언제 멀더와 스컬리가 사랑에 빠진 거냐는 질문에 크리스 카터 말, 1X79 파일럿 장면에서 스컬리가 엑스파일 부서에 들어오던 순간부터라고 합니다. "On when M&S realized they were in love with each other, Chris jokingly says it's when she first walks into his office in the "Pilot""
    • "On Scully being a strong female and its impact on the sci-fi genre, @GillianA: Scully had quite a huge impact on many people. Her strength."
    • "@GillianA: Scully was a decent human being. People listened to her."
    • ""Scully was kind of my fantasy woman" strong, smart, stubborn - CC"
    • "On Scully's spirituality: She was a scientist, but that would have been too one dimensional so her religious upbringing would tear at her."
    • ""She had these two warring sides of her character."-CC"
    • "@GillianA on House of Mirth: It was a complicated film. It was them trying really hard to manifest the story ideas."
    • "CC: People sort of credit us with making popular or useful this mythology formula."
    • "Chris discussing the evolution of the mythology and how Colony/End Game really opened up that format for the series."
    • "Favorite places to shoot, DD: "We kind of grew up...in Vancouver." So for him the show's home is Vancouver."
    • "@GillianA - both of the crews in Vancouver and LA were different families. They had more time off in LA, but Vancouver brings the nostalgia."
    • "@GillianA: A lot of women have come up to her and tell her that women have been inspired to go into science because of Scully."
    • ""Men often come up to me and tell me that they got into Scully because of Mulder." -DD as a follow up to GA's science comment."
    • "Creepiest episode: Darin - joked Beyond the Sea, CC- Seeing Darin in that port-a-pottie was creepy."
    • "Darin "That was pretty creepy from the other view." In response to CC's comment."
    • "Darin is speaking about Jose Chung. James Wong didn't like the idea so Darin waited until her wasn't on the show."
    • "DD: There was something so sacred about M&S that he wouldn't want them to work together outside of that."
    • "#XF20 is trending! Good job, guys! Keep it going!!!!"

  • TV Guide Magazine ‏@TVGuideMagazine
    • "Gillian Anderson: would not return for #XFiles series "but a film would be great" Fans scream!!" #SDCC
    • 아기 윌리엄 역을 맡았던 존 샤이반의 아들이 무대 위에 올라오자 질리언 왈: 나 닮았네. 저기 우리 아들이야. "Young man who played Scully's baby comes out on stage. Son of writer John Shibon Gillian sez: "He looks like me. That's our son.""
    • " #XFiles creator Chris Carter dodges question about if they'll be another #XFiles movie. Fans clearly want one!! For now:Comic book continues"
    • "Gillian Anderson referencing Mulder/Scully sex causes major fan screams." #SDCC
    • " #XFiles creator Chris Carter says Scully was his "fantasy woman. Strong. Smart. Opinionated. Resourceful and tough!" #SDCC
    • 질리언이 말하길, 많은 여자들이 스컬리에 영향을 받아 공부를 했다고 합니다. 이걸 스컬리 효과라고 부르기로 했다고 합니다. "Gillian Anderson says many women have told her they were inspired by Scully to go into physics. Calls it the Scully Effect"
    • "Gillian Anderson concludes #XFiles #SDCC panel by auctioning off Cardboard cut-outs of Mulder and Scully for charity. Pulls in approx $1500"

  • @gillovny
    • "Could they be more gorgeous? #XF20 David duchovny and gillian anderson on the Xfiles panel #SDCC pic.twitter.com/4tOgCWCl13 ” WOW

  • Believe Again Mx ‏@xfbamx
    • "GA: "I was also gonna say Tooms, but then the oil guy. Who was he? The big guy?" Carter: "Did you watch the show?" LOLOL" #XF20

  • Hotter In Hollywood ‏@HotterInHwood
    • "A fan just asked Gillian Anderson what would Mulder and Scully do on a date. She responded, "Have sex."" #comiccon #sdcc #xfiles

  • Danielle N ‏@somethingdani
    • "If Mulder & Scully were to go on a date, what would they do?" Gillian: "Have sex." David: "And then maybe dinner?" #xfiles #sdcc "

  • Erin ‏@flytheocean
    • "Gillian & David asked if they preferred shooting in Vancouver or LA: Gillian: *eyebrow* -- David: Don't look at me like that." #xfiles #sdcc

  • experiencela ‏@experiencela
    • ""The Scully Effect"- Women who entered into the sciences due to the influence of Dana Scully" #xfiles #SDCC2013

  • Fox Home Ent ‏@FoxHomeEnt
    • ".@B2Walton Mulder & Scully reunite and it feels so good! Write your review notes of the panel at #FOXPowerUp lounge." #XFiles

  • X-Files Argentina ‏@XFilesArg
    • "Gillian Anderson: "A lot of women have come up to me and told me they went into Physics because of Scully."" #XF20

  • Gretchen Tenebro ‏@gretchtenebro
    • ""Duchovny: "Men often come up to me and say they got into Scully because of me." WE WANTED TO GET INTO BOTH OF YOU -EVERYONE" #XF20

  • Philiana ‏@insidethetube
    • ""This is how we're going to get the movie made by the way!" Duchovny jokes about Anderson's auction." #xfiles #SDCC #thrcc

  • Yara ‏@XxMyConstantxX
    • "And... #XF20 is Trending Worldwide!!!" #SDCC #XFiles pic.twitter.com/QEC8sZFXPx

  • Beyond the Sea ‏@beyondtheseait
    • "X-Files 3, when? Carter: "You need a reason to get excited about doing it again, but coming here today and seeing..." http://fb.me/39Tm5iqlu

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  • Marisa Roffman ‏@marisaroffman
    • "David and Gillian just came out with flashlights. Adorable." #XFiles #sdcc pic.twitter.com/EmSziCHZbO

  • Liz Ponce ‏@lizponce
    • "Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, Chris Carter" #XFiles #sdcc pic.twitter.com/XFqJRLB0K1

  • adrienne ‏@adieangel
    • "Xfiles panel pictures!" pic.twitter.com/QEIDdowWT7

  • BelieveInXF3 ‏@BelieveInXF3
    • "The holy X-Files trinity. #xf20 RT. @lizponce: Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, Chris Carter" #XFiles #sdcc pic.twitter.com/FRYFJ2OcNa

  • @strokefest
    • "Nayali just sent this to me. I'm dead." #xf20 pic.twitter.com/0wlTT84SaL

  • @GrupoTheXFiles
    • "FOTO del panel de #XFiles 20 años en la San Diego Comic Con" pic.twitter.com/33WF2bAMiN #xf20 /qué ganas de estar ahí!! :'(

  • @GrupoTheXFiles
    • "panel de #XFiles ... San Diego Comic Con" pic.twitter.com/MXHPvwF1YH #xf20

  • gillovny ‏@gillovny
    • "Could they be more gorgeous? #XF20 David duchovny and gillian anderson on the Xfiles panel" #SDCC pic.twitter.com/4kh9QA2cXp

  • Nerd Fu ‏@TheNerdFu
    • "The amazing #VinceGilligan at #XFiles20SDCC panel. Responsible for #XFiles AND #BreakingBad!! Wow!" pic.twitter.com/dY54k9KxS9

  • Grupo X-Files Chile ‏@GrupoTheXFiles
    • "Así calmamos la ansiedad por panel de #XFiles en San Diego Comic Con #XF20 jeje" pic.twitter.com/gVg0BWNhSQ

  • Fabiola. ‏@Aloibaf21
    • "Yo voy a llorar por el resto de mis días." #XF20 pic.twitter.com/ZqWKIxQpnx
    • "I Can't..." #XF20 pic.twitter.com/522CS0NKir

  • @barjx
    • "David&Gillian = perfection <3" #XF20 #SDCC pic.twitter.com/stuB7Gvm20

  • Kris Aquino ‏@hellokris
    • "my fave boy, Double D and my fave girl, @GillianA finally together again! JUST LOOK AT THEM!!! <3" #XFiles20SDCC pic.twitter.com/OcapQs01Y6

  • Tricia Silva ‏@Field_Trish
    • "I THROW MY CLOTHES UP IN THE AIR AND SAY HEEEEEE-EY!!!!! @XFilesNews #XF20 @XFiles20sdcc " pic.twitter.com/j6jR5lxAky


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